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 Whatever stage of parenting you are in, expectant, new, or established, Parents and Play is designed to provide you with evidence-based parent support and education via community workshops, small group classes, and private services. We aspire to build confident parents and thriving little ones by guiding our families in developmentally charged play experiences as the foundation for early parenthood. 

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Talk Baby To Me

Community Workshops for Expectant, New, & Early Parenthood


Play & Learn Groups

'Parents & Me' Styled Groups for 

0 - 24 months


Private Services

In-home Services From an Experienced, Pediatric Expert 


"I quickly learned I wasn’t alone in my parenting struggles and questions! Bailey took the time to learn what each member needed and tailor her plans towards those needs."

-DeFoe Family

(Play & Learn Group)

"I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about how to be the best parent you can be! It’s a very judgment free environment and Bailey is awesome."

-Kim W.  

(Play & Learn Group)

"I truly believe our "fourth trimester" would have been filled with worry, stress, anxiety, and fear without the support of Bailey and her Parent and Play program."

-West Family 

(Itty Bitty private services)

"This was such a fun and educational group where we learned a lot about our baby’s development and ways we can best help her build a foundation for lifelong growth!"

 -Fabick Family 

(Play & Learn Group)


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