Our Mission

Goals of Parents and Play

1. Building a Community. We aspire to build a community offering support and information when parents need local parenting resources. Our resources are organized with an open, structured format, providing parent education through  interactions between members learning from each other, sharing experiences, and asking candid questions. 

2. Importance of Play. From birth, a baby will use play to explore the world around them and develop important life skills. Our group leader provides families with developmental play activities that parents will feel confident using in their daily play with their little one.  "Play is the work of childhood!" -Fred Rogers

3. Confidence with Development. If parenting came with an owner's manual, Parents and Play would be Chapter 1! We work with all parents to help them feel confident in understanding their little one's development by promoting a comfortable, informative environment for collaborating and learning.

Supportive Research

Research has shown that good support strengthens the resilience of  parents for each new milestone, helps create the bond between parents and babies, and shapes a baby’s social and emotional development. At Parents and Play, we strive to connect parents with peers and community experts to support and strength existing parenting abilities and promote the development of new knowledge 

Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L: Owner & Operator

Bailey Garcia is a trained and licensed Occupational Therapist since 2011 who has dedicated her career to the field of pediatrics. Having served in many different settings, Bailey has gained a vast knowledge of childhood development and ways to facilitate functional growth through the usage of play. Bailey strives to lead each group with compassion, resourcefulness, and realness. She is passionate about helping parents generate ideas, finding information, and building neighborhood communities. Bailey also has one young son with her husband Victor, who has given her first-hand experience of the challenges and joys that accompany new motherhood.  

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