Frequently Asked Questions

1. What group should I join?

Our groups are arranged to help bring together parents with little ones in similar developmental stages. We offer 2  Play & Learn groups: 0-12 months and 12-24 months. If your little one is nearing the next age group, contact me and I will help you decide what group will best fit your needs! 

2. I’m an expectant mother, when should I join a group?

We offer groups from the ages of 0 - 2 years old. I often recommend that expectant mothers wanting to join a Play & Learn group wait until their little one is 6 weeks old. This timeline gives you time to heal and get to know your baby. 

If your little one is younger than 6 weeks and you’re interested in our services we offer 3 private sessions in your home for little ones 0 - 3 months with our Itty Bittys program. 

Our program is tailored to fit your needs and scheduled throughout your fourth trimester.  We recommend scheduling this service prior to the arrival of your little one or within the first 4 weeks, as we have a limited number of appointments available each month. 

3. What will I learn during the groups?

The goal of our program is helping new parents feel connected, confident, and having the tools to care for their little ones. Each meeting parents will have the opportunity to discuss their week, ask for help, and share stories. The group leader will also help parents feel confident about development by giving them play activities they can use daily to help their little ones achieve new skills. Groups are not only great for parents but also little ones, as it gives them a chance to interact with peers. 

4. What is a pediatric Occupational Therapist?

Well I’m glad you asked! A pediatric Occupational Therapist is a therapist that specializes in development. They are equipment to assist with milestones, fine motor development, gross motor skills, feeding, engagement, and so many more ‘Activities of Daily Living’. Pediatric OT focuses on helping children develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent adults through play activities, since play is the occupation of the child. 

5. I have an older child, are they allowed to come to the group?

Unfortunately at this time we ask that only the parents and the child participating in the group attend meetings. We do not want this to be a barrier to access for parents so please contact us if you have an older sibling you are interested in bringing to meetings with you. 

6. I’m a working parent that can not attend meetings during regular business hours.

As a working parent myself, I completely understand how hard this can be. We currently host 1 Saturday group each session! We love giving both parents, as well as parents who work outside the home, the opportunity to participate in our program. 

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