Private Services

Itty Bitty 0 - 3 months

Just when you thought you were done with pregnancy, you have now entered the ‘Fourth Trimester’, which very well might be the toughest part of pregnancy. You are filled with so many emotions, thanks hormones, and overwhelmed with questions pertaining to this new precious little one living in your home. 

Parents and Play offers three private, in-home sessions with a developmental expert to new parents in order to help them understand what to do with their little one in the early days to foster development. Our program is tailored to fit your needs and scheduled throughout your fourth trimester. 

An experienced pediatric Occupational Therapist, Bailey Garcia, will come to your home and offer you guidance in learning how to care confidently with your little one. Bailey will perform a quick developmental screener at each visits, as well as offering information on your little’s one developmental stage. She is there to give you a piece of mind from a professional perspective on if your little one’s development is on track. 

We highly recommend that you schedule this service with us during your 3rd trimester, as availability is limited each month.  We will work with you to schedule your visits at your convenience after you welcome your bundle of joy. Visits are typically scheduled at 4, 8, and 12 weeks postpartum. 

Developmental Topics

  • Milestones
  • Baby equipment & proper positioning
  • Play activities
  • Tummy Time
  • Social, emotional development
  • Feeding
  • Learning your baby’s signs and rhythm

 ...Whatever your needs may be!  

"She gave us confidence that we were doing just fine with our daughter. Since Bailey came once a month, the questions and anxiety piled up quickly. Anytime I had a concern or a time of anxiety, I was able to reach out to Bailey just with a text and have all my worries put to rest." -West Family

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