'Parents and Me' styled groups focused on using play as the foundation for early parenthood by empowering parents with proven strategies and techniques to enhance the development of their little ones. 

Play & Learn Groups


 0 - 5 months 

Our 'Peapods' group  is focused on supporting new parents and their little one's development during those often difficult first months. We will cover topics such as bonding, milestones, sleep routines, feeding, proper positioning, and hands-on play recommendations.

Rolly Pollies

6 months - 12 months

Our 'Rolly Pollies' group is focused on helping parents navigate the areas of emotional, cognitive, physical and social development during the new adventure of chasing a moving little one. Parents will be equipped with fun play activities to support their little one's development.

Tiny Tots

12 months - 24 months

Our 'Tiny Tots' group is a mixture of structured brain enhancing activities and free play. Parents will actively learn about supporting their little one's development of gross & fine motor skills, language, and social engagement, along with common toddler topics of picky eating, tantrums, and potty training.  

Groups meet weekly for 5 weeks for 75 minutes of parenting support and fun developmental activities. Topics covered in each group are customized based on the needs of the parent and their little one. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and unbiased space where families become a support network for each other, while learning ways to foster the development of their little one.

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