"We feel so blessed to have been part of the of this Parents and Play program.  It was educational and fun for both my husband, 3-month-old son and myself.  Being first-time parents, we found ourselves questioning much of what we did for our son.  (Are we doing this right?  Is he hitting his milestones? Are we the only parents to ever experience this?) This group gave us an environment to learn and to be with other parents that were experiencing the same thing or had in the past.  Bailey's knowledge was invaluable!  She was so passionate and kind, that it immediately felt safe to ask as many questions as we could. It also meant a lot when Bailey would check in on us in between groups to see how we were doing and how our son was progressing. I can't say enough good things about Parents and Play and we look forward to the next program they have!" 

"This class was perfect for me as a first time mom! I loved meeting other new moms who are trying to figure out this new overwhelming life just like me! It was very helpful for me to discuss developmental stages and evaluate if my daughter is on track. Bailey is very knowledgeable and also consults with specialists for specific needs that parents might have. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about how to be the best parent you can be! It’s a very judgment free environment and Bailey is awesome."

"As a new parent, the thought of leaving the house with a newborn seems impossible, daunting and overwhelming. However, during that time you are still constantly questioning your parenting skills and whether you're doing everything "right" to help your little one grow. By Bailey coming to our home, we were in our own comfort zone and free to ask questions without the fear of being "judged" while receiving practical advice with the items in our own home. Bailey was able to demonstrate different holds, sleep techniques, bottle positioning, and play practices with our little. She sat and talked with us during our 90-120 minutes and really listened to and responded to our questions and concerns professionally without any judgement or hesitation. She gave us confidence that we were doing just fine with our daughter. Since Bailey came once a month, the questions and anxiety piled up quickly. Anytime I had a concern or a time of anxiety, I was able to reach out to Bailey just with a text and have all my worries put to rest. She helped me gain confidence as a mom and build up my confidence with her praise at each visit. I truly believe our "fourth trimester" would have been filled with worry, stress, anxiety, and fear without the support of Bailey and her Parent and Play program. We will be recommending this program to all the new parents we know!" 

"This was such a fun and educational group where we learned a lot about our baby’s development and ways we can best help her build a foundation for lifelong growth! I loved coming to this program. I am a decently confident new mom, but I still learned many things about how to help our little one develop and grow! I would recommend this group to any parent!

" I appreciated how comfortable you made everyone feel by using names and asking personal but non-intrusive questions."

" Parents and Play changed everything for the better for me! As a first time mom, I didn’t know how isolating, overwhelming parenting can be. Add in postpartum anxiety, and the stress was maxed out!  I quickly learned I wasn’t alone in my parenting struggles and questions! Bailey took the time to learn what each member needed and tailor her plans towards those needs. She made sure everyone felt welcome, safe, and comfortable to discuss issues they were having. Husbands were even involved whereas most groups are for moms only! My husband and I are so thankful to have been a part of Parents and Play! We loved it so much!"     

"I enjoyed the weekly meetings very much! It was so beneficial to be with other moms where I felt like I could finally breath and let out my struggles in an environment that was open, welcoming, and nonjudgemental. Not only did I have the chance to discuss the needs and demands of my kiddo but also felt that as a community of parents we were able to bond and play off of each other. Bailey was able to facilitate such an inviting group and instruct us on the many many diverse needs of our group. I was so sad when the group ended, and I know that this group is going to be essential to all parents out there. Sometimes as a new mother I felt completely alone and I wish this had been available to me right from the start. Thank you Bailey for letting me be part of this! This is what I was missing!" 

"It’s helped my wife so much. The communication from a professional was key. My knowledge wasn’t doing the trick lol. It was nice to put our minds at ease knowing we could ask any time of day. My wife and I really thrives in this program and I don’t know that we would have any hair left without Bailey. Knowledge is power and Bailey gave us power!"

"I would recommend this group to any parent in a heartbeat! It gave me so much confidence as a new parent and I learned so many new things! I cannot say enough great things! I thought Bailey was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and welcome! She also was knowledgeable and was so open to talk to and ask for any advice I needed!" 

"Bailey was very knowledgeable on the subjects presented and if she wasn’t certain of exact answers to questions she did further research. I also liked that she was willing to reach out to specialists." 

"My son had Bailey as his OT in early intervention and I can not express just how amazing she is at her job. She pushed him and got him doing more within the first few weeks than most therapist had who had been with him for years. Not only is she amazing at what she does she has the biggest heart!

"Bailey is very approachable and was able to answer all of my questions appropriately without talking over my head. I feel much better armed to handle anything my boy can throw at me now.  At least for now anyway. It was great to meet other new dads." 

"This play group was so informative! The setting of a small group created a safe place for us parents to talk to experts and each other. I learned many tips and tricks to easily use to help guide my baby in the right direction! Bailey is so knowledgeable and willing to share in a friendly and professional manner! "

"I was so thankful to find the Peapods and Rolly Pollies class! I had been trying to find ways to connect with other new parents, learn more about being a mom and give my son a chance to interact with other children. Being a working mom, I was discouraged when all I found was classes on weekday mornings. The Saturday morning groups from Parents and Play was exactly what I was looking for! I loved that the classes were tailored to what we wanted to learn as parents, as well as introduced topics we might not have thought of. And it was so fun to hear about the experiences of the other parents and see my sweet baby around other children. I definitely recommend this class to all parents, new or experienced!"

"I have enjoyed my time with this moms group and getting to know all the mamas and the learning/teaching process that is happening...Thank you for having this dream and making it happen. I think it is so important for moms to know they can count on each other and they are not in this alone, which I know a lot feel like we are!" -Christie V. 

"I am a first time mom, and after these classes I felt stronger and more confident as a mother.  I also learned how to handle and assist my babies milestones. Bailey was very gracious and welcome us into her home. She was very caring and personable and super easy to talk to. It was like we were immediate friends after the first class." 

"Bailey was very knowledgeable on the subjects presented and if she wasn’t certain of exact answers to questions she did further research. I also liked that she was willing to reach out to specialists." 

"Bailey was very supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable!  I loved having the opportunity to ask an expert all my new parenting/development questions and also have the support of other parents who were experiencing the same challenges."

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